24/7 2014 Crew

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This crew does amazing things that normally take weeks – and they do it all in a day.  We are so lucky – and you will be too when you see the shows — to have this much talent on our crew.  Check them out:

  • Kristin Wenger
  • Chris Baumer
  • Morgan Brophy
  • James Harte
  • Heather Hutton
  • Anne Schelton
  • Bob Button
  • Clams Taylor
  • Amy Goffman
  • Linda Zuby
  • Julie Mignosa
  • Tracie Skipper
  • Joe Monaghan
  • Heddy Hunt
  • Karin Boothe
  • Ernie Reed
  • Charlotte Drummond
  • Cathy Burrier
  • Cathe Comer
  • Tom Raney
  • Melissa Wender
  • Eric Gilchrest
  • Deborah Caudle
  • Kate Monoghan
  • Kristin Baltes
  • Ray Nedzel

Get tickets at Live Arts now.

24/7 2014 Actors

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Someone call David Hasselhoff because it feels like I am drowning in a ocean of talent.

Holy-Freaking-Acting-Chops!  Look at all the on stage excellence for 24/7 2014.  Alphabetical by first name.

Oh, yeah, we got some superstar repeats and threepeats, but over 60% are brand-spanking-new to this wonderfulness, aka 24/7 virgins:

  • Amy Barrick
  • 24-7-2014-actorsBrad Fraiser
  • Brian Wimer
  • Brianne Cobuzzi
  • Cheryl Sandas
  • Chris Estey
  • Claire McGurk Chandler
  • Edward Warwick-White
  • Gene Donovan
  • Jasmine Witmer
  • Javier Figueroa
  • Kate Adamson
  • Kip McClaren
  • Lana Young
  • Latrina Candia
  • Lee Susen
  • Maria Trapnell
  • Marty Moore
  • Martyn Kyle
  • Melissa Charles
  • Mendy St. Ours
  • Mike Long
  • Mitch Voss
  • Noel Derecki
  • Rose Harper
  • Scott Dunn
  • Wendy Winkler

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Jan. 8th, at LiveArts.org


Directors for 24/7 2014

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24-7-2014-directorsYou know these wonderful short plays of 24/7 just don’t direct themselves.  It takes a village — it takes a C-village.

But most of all it takes directors.  Directors who can pull a script (and cast) out of a hat in the morning and deliver a full theatrical production in the evening.

Here are our 24/7 2014 directors.  We are in good hands.

  • Kate Bennis
  • Bergen Goesch
  • Shawn Hirabayashi
  • Chris Kelly
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Geri Carlson Sauls
  • Miller Murray Susen

Let the challenge begin.  Well, begin on Jan 25, 2014 in the Gibson Theatre at Live Arts, that is.

24/7 2014 Playwrights

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24-7-2014-playwrightsWell, kick me in the head and wake me up from a feverish sleep!   Because I must be dreaming.  Look at this talented line up of playwrights for 24/7.

And here’s the straw for your back, Mr. Camel.  6 of the 7 are 24/7 virgins.  And Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell re-joins the fun after a legendary play and a five year break. Cathy Finn-Derecki

  • Elizabeth Derby
  • Cathy Finn-Derecki
  • Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • Kisha Jarrett
  • Sean Michael McCord
  • Jenny Mead
  • Jackson Wolford

OK, I’m awake.  And I can’t wait for 24/7 2014.

24/7 2014

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We’ve come a long, long way together.  6th year and going stronger than ever… 7 new plays in 24 hours:

7 new playwrights, 7 directors, 24 actors (or more), and a full crew.

Come see the results on Jan 25, 2013 at Live Arts.

Here’s How We Do It! 


Barhoppers Returns

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Barhoppers ’13

If you’re in the mood for some fun homegrown theatre… IN A BAR… than Barhoppers is the thing for you.

Brought to you by Off-Stage and Live Arts

August, 2013 – 7:30pm

AUGUST 4,5,6: The Local

AUGUST 11,12,13: Millie Joe

AUGUST 18,19,20: Rapture

  • A JOKE, RETOLD by Byron Harris
  • BREAKING UP IS HARD DO DO by Shawn Hirabayashi
  • KARAOKE NIGHT by Joel Jones
  • LULU by Sean McCord
  • NIGHTCRAWLERS by Sara Ilyse Jacobson
  • RUNAWAY BRIDE by Chris Baumer
  • LAST CALL by Gare Galbraith
  • SUNDAY LATE by Peter Coy
  • WALKS INTO A BAR by Miller Murray Susen
  • WORDS WITH FRIENDS by Jenny Mead

Live Arts is teaming up with Offstage Theater to bring back this staple of Charlottesville theater for the past 17 years!

The beloved series- featuring original scripts by talented playwrights, featuring faces you know, and helmed by local directors- is set to perform at three different bars in the Charlottesville area.

Tickets are $10 and available at the door. Show starts at 7.30pm.

Original pieces directed by: Kate Adamson, Melissa Charles, Sean Chandler, Bruce Follmer, Gare Galbraith, Sara Jacobson, Chris Kelly, Sean McCord, and Marty Moore

It’s a series of nights and original work that is sure to keep you talking!

24/7 2013: The Elephant in the Room

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247-2013 Moving Rehearsal

247-2013 Moving Rehearsal

Brilliant Day.  From writing to casting to rehearsal to performance.  Everyone was so top-notch.

What a set of plays.  Everybody gets a trophy for creating 24/7.

The theme of the night was THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  And, here’s the lineup:


  • by Joel Jones
  • directed by Natalie Dieter
  • starring Daniel Prillaman, Jude Silveira, Sarah Edwards, Geri Schirmer, Sara Shotwell


  • written by Doug Grissom
  • directed by Betsy Tucker
  • starring Normajean Hultman, Brad Fraiser, Sara Shotwell, and Chris Baumer


  • written by Peter Coy
  • directed by Chris Estey
  • starring Edwina Herring and Mitch Voss


  • written by Miller Murray Susen
  • directed by Mike Long
  • starting Mary Burruss, Robert Wray, Nick Heiderstadt, Chris Baumer, Sara Shotwell


  • written by Royal Shiree
  • directed by Chris Patrick
  • starring Kate Tooley, Marty Moore, Emily Vere Nicol, David Hopper and Phil Horne


  • written by Phil Horst
  • directed by Boomie Pederson
  • starring Christina Ball, Barbara Roberts, Abigail Wiebe, Ike Anderson


  • written by Browing Porter
  • directed by Sean McCord
  • starring Mraija Reiff, Amy Barrick, Jen Downey, Kate Bennis and Chris Baumer.
And the band…

Whiskey For Elephants

featuring: Edward Warwick, Gary White, Don Gaylord, Cristan Keighley, Kip McCharen, Alli Villines and Kristen Heiderstadt

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